Jan 12, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

The reason we started this blog was the big adventure of 2008. Azalea BK girls -93 took part in one of the world's major soccer cups: Schwan’s USA Cup in Minneapolis. 24 girls and 9 adults took off for an adventure we will all remember forever. We had a lot to tell from the trip and about the preparations. We keep the blog, even if we don't update it, and hope it will be an inspiration to other teams who are thinking about making a trip like this.

In USA Cup our two teams "Passion" and "Joy" played two tournaments. We won the Medal flight trophy and got fifth in the Trophy flight. We didn't loose one game! The girls stayed in families of local soccer teams in Blaine and Chicago.

Azalea BK girls -93 still plays and are pretty successful, now in the junior series. Find links to the Azalea football club, listen to our single CD "Football in my heart", USA CUP, sponsors and more to the right.

Follow the team below and see earlier posts for more background. As in blogs the time line reads backwards. The adventure begun long time ago!

(earlier posts in Swedish only, sorry)

Apr 26, 2009

National goal keeper training!

This weekend Hedvig Lindahl, goal keeper in the Swedish National team, played against Brasil here in Göteborg and won 3-1. A few days earlier she was in action at Karl Johans torg, our training field. She held a special training for eight goal keepers in Azalea girls -93 and -94!

Hedvig recently moved to Göteborg and Majorna, our part of town, and will function here as an ambassador for her team Göteborg FC. So last Monday Agnes, Elvira, Nathalie, Linnea, Erika, Nicolina, Emmeli och Emilia worked with goal keeper acrobatics and other useful stuff when keeping the penalty area clear (as you can see on the pictures). A supernice soccer night in the best spring weather you can imagine! Hedvig was impressed by our girls good technic skills and gave a small goal keeers homework. Hopefully she can come back later this spring and check us.

Until then we wish to thank her so much for the great lesson!

Apr 13, 2009

Let the series begin!

This year the 93 girls will play two series. We'll team together with the younger -94 girls in the series of Halland, and by ourselves in the highest Göteborg junior series. Name of this team is Azalea/GFF, the series table is HERE...

We will play ten games in this series:
The first on Tuesday 14.4, 18.30 Jitex-Azalea (Frejaplan, konstgräs)
21.4, 19.30 Azalea-Eriksberg (Apelsinplan, konstgräs)
23.4, 19.30 Azalea-Kungälv (Apelsinplan, konstgräs)
3.5, 18.00 Qviding-Azalea (Överåsvallen, konstgräs)
Azalea-Säve (Apelsinplan) - OBS! Flyttas till annan dag!
13.5, 19.00 Ytterby-Azalea (Yttern IP, gräs)
19.5, 19.30 Azalea-Qviding (Heden 3, konstgräs)
28.5, 19.30 Eriksberg-Azalea (Krokängsplan, konstgräs)
8.5, 19.30 Azalea-Jitex (Påvelund, konstgräs)
Kungälv-Azalea (Kongevi) - OBS! Flyttas till annan dag!

Mar 15, 2009

Spring, finally

Still there is a little snow left in the corners but today spring arrived when we met the Alingsås KIK F 93 girls at Valhalla. They played well and won 2-3 but at times we had a good game. Supported by the Azalea -94 girls we've won five out of seven friendly games over the last month. We are getting ready for the series.

Feb 20, 2009

cold start

There is a winter season also for football. Last Tuesday was -8° C (18° F) when we played a friendly game with Säve, at Backavallen. That is really cold and the artificial grass was slippery from the frost. But it was great fun! And we won the game, 4-3. Our goalkeeper did well!

Now the spring season starts with some indoor weekend cups and more friendly games. This year we'll play one series together with the -94 girls.

Dec 7, 2008

end of season

Foto: Per Schillander

This blog has been lazy for a while, sorry. That doesn't mean nothing happened:

The fantastic football year of 2008 is almost over. When we summon up it's the best ever, seen to results. We've won two big cup trophes, USA Cup in Minneapolis and GT Cup in Göteborg. In the Göteborg series we've won over brave and technically skilled teams and was finally in second place in both series, girls 15 and girls 16 years (in the 16-series we won 9 of 12 matches and in the 15-series 12 of 16). And most important of all; we've had so much fun together!

The photos above are from one of the last games in the series, an early autumn game at Öckerö, one of the islands in the archipelago just outside the city. We won and celabrated with a pizza picnic in the sun.

Still a few training sessions left before 2009, see you!

Sep 23, 2008

Guld i GT-cupen!

For the second time this year Azalea -93 girls brought home the gold medal in a big tournament, GT-cupen. The Sunday afternoon final result against Eriksberg was 4-1. That proved that latest result 3-0 certainly was not just a lucky accident.

Totto was chosen the game's best player, cool!

Read an interview with Agnes, captain and goal keeper here.

Irma's mom Lena served awsome chocolate cake for celebration.

Photo: Bibbi Forsman

Read all cup results here.

Sep 4, 2008


Photo: Bibbi Forsman

To win over Eriksberg seemed for a long time impossible, like a jinx. That changed totally on Tuesday, we scored 3 goals the first 20 minutes, the final result of the game. Parents were equally happy.

Majvallen is a nice field, centrally located in Göteborg on the edge of the huge park Slottskogen. This is also the new address for Azalea since the old club house was sold earlier this year.